Measurably Better Performance
Using Voice to Transform Frontline Operations
Guiding frontline workers through their jobs—just when they need it.
Head over to the bed and say ready when you are...
Looking at the mattress pad, do you see any damage, tears…

Yes, I do. Now what?

25–35% of performance tied to frontline consistency*

Delivering faster on-boarding and consistent quality, Whispr teaches, coaches and reinforces frontline standards and practices:

  • how a guest room should to be cleaned
  • how a home care assessment should be conducted
  • how a motor should be inspected

Whispr is intelligent coaching for frontline workers. For workers who work alone, in small teams or in situations where it is difficult to access to information. Whispr is instant, real time learning whispered into the ear for clearer understanding, faster on-boarding and measurably better performance.

[*from Oliver Wyman’s ”Your Customers Want a Consistent Experience”]
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Faster results. Better quality.

Whispr helps workers who work alone, in small disperse teams or in situations where it is difficult to access to information. Whispr delivers instant, on demand guidance, hands-free and frictionless. Letting workers work smarter.

Quality. Whispr explains and confirms each step, helping to ensure tasks get done fully and correctly. Workers can ask questions and listen to detailed instruction.

Whispr AI “Guide Builder” is powerful and easy to use.

Feedback. Whispr is two-way. That means status continuously flows back to the platform, tracking everything that’s been done, what will be done, and by when using smart estimates.

Flexibility. Whispr knows the steps of any task, so when things get busy in one department, an employee from an other can dive in and help out.

Try Whispr AI today.

Whispr AI is an instant, on demand guidance whispered into your ear making for faster learning, better retention and measurably more consistent results.

We can build custom guides for your business and, soon, we will have an online tool for you to create and deploy your own guides.

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Measurably better performance