The heart of your operation is all about enabling a safe, secure and on-time departure. Whether it’s on the ramp or in your MRO facility, deploy the latest voice technology to assist your team do their best work.

Aircraft cleaning and MRO

Timely tasks

Whether you have 6, 16, or 60 minutes to complete a task, Whispr adapts the content to make sure the critical steps are taken in the time that you have.

Iterate constantly

Whispr can A|B test different workflows to give you the hard facts about what works and what doesn’t. Efficiency is the aim of the game.

Whispr always reacts in realtime to help workers. By adapting workflows based on the turnaround time available, Whispr ensures that important steps are never missed. High quality output for high quality customer experience. Every time.

Yvonne Chen, VP of Marketing