Ensure consistent and efficient operations all while workers become more skilled. Whether you’re an accommodation provider or an outsourcing company, Whispr reduces onboarding time for your new workers, ensures consistent quality in everything they do, and provides you with an unprecedented data-led view of your operations.

Hospitality housekeeping and maintenance

Onboard faster

Whispr speeds up your workers becoming productive. No more mindless shadowing. Guide folks through each step, answer their questions, and learn from the data on how they're improving.

Iterate constantly

Whispr can A|B test different workflows to give you the hard facts about what works and what doesn’t. Efficiency is the aim of the game.

Whispr helps workers get up to speed faster. By guiding workers through each step, at whatever pace is comfortable for them, Whispr takes away the need for shadowing that sucks productivity. It answers workers' questions too, so no one is ever left behind.

Yvonne Chen, VP of Marketing